Mua A Lu

Mua A Lu
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Mua A Lu

Bhaya Cruise has operated for 10 years with thousands of great journey. This pride should go to our committed crew members who silently contribute to this success. They come from different regions of Vietnam, different ethnic groups even speak different languages but they all stay here as a family and devote their time and commitment to the ultimate goal - a safe and memorable cruise. Today, we are proud to share a story about one member of our great team.

His name is Mua A Lu, from H’Mong ethnic minority group. He arrived Bhaya through REACH project (the Vocational Training Center for the young people in a difficult situation) along with other 7 friends in the group. When we first met, A Lu did not speak Vietnamese very fluently but always had a smile on his face.

Mua A Lu

During on-shore training, A Lu was always punctual and enthusiastic. On evaluation day, he performed quite well but his communication in English was better than in Vietnamese. So he was afraid that it would affect the relationships with colleagues. However, his positive and friendly attitude convinced everyone. Working as a waiter on board, A Lu always completed his tasks and was willing to help others.

waiter on Bhaya Cruise
Mua A Lu is working as a waiter on board 

A Lu has been through a difficult childhood in the remote area of northern Vietnam. He used to walk 5km each day on the muddy road to school. Today, all of his efforts are repaid when A Lu is voted as best employee of February 2017.

Bhaya Crew is inspired every day to do our job better due to people like Mua A Lu - a colleague, a friend, a family member of ours.

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