Bhaya Group Profile

Bhaya Group Overview

Since its inauguration in 2007, Bhaya Group has worked tirelessly to achieve the highest standards in customer service excellence and sustainable tourism among the leading overnight Halong Bay cruise operators. After gaining success with its original cruise design, Bhaya Group expanded its presence, now owning and operating three exclusive brands: The Au Co Luxury Cruise, Bhaya Legend Private Cruise and Bhaya Classic & Premium Cruises. These brands offer a full range of services and cruise styles that are guaranteed to bring every guest an experience of a lifetime.


The core values under-girding the success of Bhaya Group remain unchanged since the first Bhaya cruise was launched. Our unbending commitment to executing the highest standards of ethical business conduct have ensured our reputation and credibility, while our commitment to integrity demands consistency and transparency.


We value innovation as the driver of our successful cruises, and our persistent 'customer first' policy results in service standards which more than satisfy our passengers. Finally, we recognise that determined action is the key to achieving our corporate social responsibility goals of preserving the natural environment of Halong Bay and promoting healthy communities in the area.

Bhaya Group strategic view

True to the innovative vision upon which Bhaya Group was founded, our strategic goal is to expand our activities and influence among cruise companies in Halong Bay and throughout Vietnam. We are constantly undertaking efforts to enhance our already diverse portfolio of premium hospitality products and services.

Our family of brands will continue to multiply, based on the model of success springing from the dedicated and innovative work which made the first trend-setting Bhaya cruises on Halong Bay possible. Bhaya Group is proud of its Vietnamese roots and aims to build an overall brand that is known and respected both locally and internationally.

Service Commitment
Service CommitmentCommitment

We provide unique, innovative premium products and services of excellent quality that meet international standards and exceed customer expectations. A key component of our service strategy is our dedication to  designing products which fundamentally reflect Vietnamese culture and tradition. We create a service standard that both honours Vietnamese cultural heritage and meets, or creatively exceeds, the international standard for premium service products.

In this way, we are able to promote the rich Vietnamese culture, while our innovative leadership in sustainable tourism projects and initiatives serves to improve living conditions and strengthen local communities, as part of our corporate social responsibility programmes.