Bhaya Community Project

We believe we have a moral duty to help those less fortunate than us. The welfare of our team and the communities within which we operate are paramount to any successes we achieve. 

Bhaya Group actively supports our local communities through a number of initiatives.


Social Responsibility

Xin Chao Viet Hai

Xin chao Viet Hai” means “Hello Viet Hai” which is the welcoming name for our newly launched campaign

Bhaya Community Farm - Viet Hai Village

Bhaya Community Farm is re-launched this April with slogan “Xin Chao Viet Hai” as a part of Bhaya Group 2017 CSR’s project.

Viet Hai donation

During the summer of 2015 Viet Hai Village on Cat Ba Island, experienced unprecedented floods. Visiting the village is one of the highlights of our cruises itineraries. More than 100 families were stuck in the disaster with the majority of properties sustaining serious damage.